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アンカー 1

The structural details of the eye dictate the efficiency of light avoidance behavior in planarians

井上 武.
細胞, 55: 601-604 (45-48), 2023

CRISPR/Cas9-based simple transgenesis in Xenopus laevis

Shibata, Y., Suzuki, M., Hirose, N., Takayama, A., Sanbo, C., Inoue, T., Umesono, Y., Agata, K., Ueno, N., Suzuki, K. T. and Mochii, M.
Dev Biol, 489, 76-83, 2022

An approach for elucidating dermal fibroblast dedifferentiation in amphibian limb regeneration

Satoh, A., Kashimoto, R., Ohashi, A., Furukawa, S., Yamamoto, S., Inoue, T., Hayashi, T. and Agata, K. 
Zoological Lett 8: 6, 2022

Newt Hoxa13 has an essential and predominant role in digit formation during development and regeneration 

Takeuchi, T., Matsubara, H., Minamitani, F., Satoh, Y., Tozawa, S., Moriyama, T., Maruyama, K., Suzuki, K. T., Shigenobu, S., Inoue, T., Tamura, K., Agata, K. and Hayashi, T.
Development 149: dev200282, 2022

Quantification of planarian behaviors.

Inoue, T.* and Agata, K.
Dev Growth Differ 64: 16-37, 2022

Toll signalling promotes blastema cell proliferation during cricket leg regeneration via insect macrophages.

Bando, T., Okumura, M., Bando, Y., Hagiwara, M., Hamada, Y., Ishimaru, Y., Mito, T., Kawaguchi, E., Inoue, T., Agata, K., Noji, S. and Ohuchi, H.​
Development 149: dev199916, 2022

MEK/ERK signaling regulates reconstitution of the dopaminergic nerve circuit in the planarian Dugesia japonica.

Hijioka, M., Ikemoto, Y., Fukao, K., Inoue, T., Kobayakawa, T., Nishimura, K., Takata, K., Agata, K.
and Kitamura, Y.

Neurochem Res 462021, 2021

The pharyngeal nervous system orchestrates feeding behavior in planarians.

Miyamoto, M., Hattori, M., Hosoda, K., Sawamoto, M., Motoishi, M., Hayashi, T., Inoue, T.*
and Umesono, Y.*

Sci Adv 6: eaaz0882, 2020

ECM-Body: A cell-free 3D biomimetic scaffold derived from intact planarian body.

Sonpho, E., Wootthichairangsan, C., Ishida, M., Inoue, T., Agata, K., Maleehuan, A., Charngkaew, K., Chomanee, N., Moonsom, S., Wongtrakoongate, P., Chairoungdua, A. and Ounjai, P.
Zoolog Sci 37: 307-313, 2020

A comprehensive reference transcriptome resource for the Iberian ribbed newt Pleurodeles waltl, an emerging model for developmental and regeneration biology.

Matsunami, M., Suzuki, M., Haramoto, Y., Fukui, A., Inoue, T., Yamaguchi, K., Uchiyama, I., Mori, K., Tashiro, K., Ito, Y., Takeuchi, T., Suzuki, K. T., Agata, K., Shigenobu, S. and Hayashi, T.
DNA Res 26: 217-229, 2019

JmjC domain-encoding genes are conserved in highly regenerative metazoans and are associated with planarian whole-body regeneration

Cao, P. L., Kumagai, N., Inoue, T., Agata, K., Makino, T.
Genome Biol Evol 11: 552-564, 2019

Adaptive strategies of animal behaviors based on spontaneous self-motions.

Inoue, T.​*
比較生理生化学 (Comp Physiol Biochem) 36: 166-174, 2019

Calcium ions in the aquatic environment drive planarians to food.

Mori, M., Narahashi, M., Hayashi, T., Ishida, M., Kumagai, N., Sato, Y., Bagherzadeh, R., Agata, K.
and Inoue, T.*
Zoological Lett 5: 31, 2019

Spatio-temporal neural stem cell behavior leads to both perfect and imperfect structural brain regeneration in adult newts.

Urata, Y., Yamashita, W., Inoue, T. and Agata, K.
Biol Open 7: bio033142, 2018

Coordination between binocular field and spontaneous self-motion specifies the efficiency of planarians’ photo-response orientation behavior.

Akiyama, Y., Agata, K. and Inoue, T.*
Commun Biol 1: 148, 2018

Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complex allows direct and rapid analysis of coding and noncoding regions of target genes in Pleurodeles waltl development and regeneration.

Suzuki, M., Hayashi, T., Inoue, T., Agata, K., Hirayama, M., Suzuki, M., Shigenobu, S., Takeuchi, T., Yamamoto, T. and Suzuki, K. T.
Dev Biol 443: 127-136, 2018

Draft genome of Dugesia japonica provides insights into conserved regulatory elements of the brain restriction gene nou-darake in planarians.

An, Y., Kawaguchi, A., Zhao, C., Toyoda, A., Sharifi-Zarchi, A., Mousavi, S. A., Bagherzadeh, R., Inoue, T., Ogino, H., Fujiyama, A., Chitsaz, H., Baharvand, H. and Agata, K.
Zoological Lett 4: 24, 2018

Functional specification of a primitive bilaterian brain in planarians.

 Inoue, T.*
"Brain Evolution by Design." Springer Nature: 79-100, 2017.

Multiple neuropeptide-coding genes involved in planarian pharynx extension.

Shimoyama, S., Inoue, T., Kashima, M. and Agata, K.
Zoolog Sci 33: 311-319, 2016

Spontaneous behaviors and wall-curvature lead to apparent wall preference in planarian.

Akiyama, Y., Agata, K. and Inoue, T.*
PLoS One 10: e0143525, 2015

Epigenetic modification maintains intrinsic limb-cell identity in Xenopus limb bud regeneration.

Hayashi, S., Kawaguchi, A., Uchiyama, I., Kawasumi-Kita, A., Kobayashi, T., Nishide, H., Tsutsumi, R., Tsuru, K., Inoue, T., Ogino, H., Agata, K., Tamura, K. and Yokoyama, H.
Dev Biol 406: 271-282, 2015

Control of maintenance and regeneration of planarian eyes by ovo.

Cross, S. D., Johnson, A. A., Gilles, B. J., Bachman, L. A., Inoue, T., Agata, K., Marmorstein, L. Y.
and Marmorstein, A. D.
Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 56: 7604-7610, 2015

Unusually large number of mutations in asexually reproducing clonal planarian Dugesia japonica.

Nishimura, O., Hosoda, K., Kawaguchi, E., Yazawa, S., Hayashi, T., Inoue, T., Umesono, Y.
and Agata, K.
PLoS One 10: e0143525, 2015

Reintegration of the regenerated and the remaining tissues during joint regeneration in the newt Cynops pyrrhogaster.

Tsutsumi, R., Inoue, T., Yamada, S. and Agata, K.
Regeneration 2: 26-36, 2015

Planarian shows decision-making behavior in response to multiple stimuli by integrative brain function.

Inoue, T.*, Hoshino, H., Yamashita, T., Shimoyama, S. and Agata, K.
Zoological Lett 1: 7, 2015

Transcription activator-like effector nucleases efficiently disrupt the target gene in Iberian ribbed newts (Pleurodeles waltl), an experimental model animal for regeneration.

Hayashi, T., Sakamoto, K., Sakuma, T., Yokotani, N., Inoue, T., Kawaguchi, E., Agata, K., Yamamoto, T. and Takeuchi, T.
Dev Growth Differ 56: 115-121, 2014

Thermosensory signaling by TRPM is processed by brain serotonergic neurons to produce planarian thermotaxis.

Inoue, T.*, Yamashita, T. and Agata, K.
J Neurosci 34: 15701-15714, 2014

RNA interference by feeding in vitro-synthesized double-stranded RNA to planarians: methodology and dynamics.

Rouhana, L., Weiss, J. A., Forsthoefel, D. J., Lee, H., King, R. S., Inoue, T., Shibata, N., Agata, K.
and Newmark, P. A.
Dev Dyn 242: 718-730, 2013

The molecular logic for planarian regeneration along the anterior-posterior axis.

Umesono, Y., Tasaki, J., Nishimura, Y., Hrouda, M., Kawaguchi, E., Yazawa, S., Nishimura, O., Hosoda, K., Inoue, T. and Agata, K.
Nature 500: 73-76, 2013

Lens regenerates by means of similar processes and timeline in adults and larvae of the newt Cynops pyrrhogaster.

Inoue, T.*, Inoue, R., Tsutsumi, R., Tada, K., Urata, Y., Michibayashi, C., Takemura, S. and Agata, K.
Dev Dyn 241: 1575-1583, 2012

Survey of the differences between regenerative and non-regenerative animals.

Agata, K. and Inoue, T.
Dev Growth Differ 54: 143-152, 2012

Regeneration in an evolutionarily primitive brain - The planarian Dugesia japonica model.

Umesono, Y., Tasaki, J., Nishimura, K., Inoue, T. and Agata, K.
Eur J Neurosci 34: 863-869, 2011

Regeneration of dopaminergic neurons after 6-hydroxydopamine-induced lesion in planarian brain.

Nishimura, K., Inoue, T., Yoshimoto, K., Taniguchi, T., Kitamura, Y. and Agata, K.
J Neurochem 119: 1217-1231, 2011

Purkinje cells originate from cerebellar ventricular zone progenitors positive for Neph3 and E-cadherin.

Mizuhara, E., Minaki, Y., Nakatani, T., Kumai, M., Inoue, T., Muguruma, K., Sasai, Y. and Ono, Y.
Dev Biol 338: 202-214, 2010

Identification of a novel transcriptional corepressor, Corl2, as a cerebellar Purkinje cell-selective marker.

Minaki, Y., Nakatani, T., Mizuhara, E., Inoue, T. and Ono, Y
Gene Expr Patterns 8: 418-423, 2008

Characterization of tyramine beta-hydroxylase in planarian Dugesia japonica: Cloning and expression.

Nishimura, K., Kitamura, Y., Inoue, T., Umesono, Y., Yoshimoto, K., Taniguchi, T. and Agata, K.
Neurochem Int 53: 184-192, 2008

Regeneration-dependent conditional gene knockdown (Readyknock) in planarian: Demonstration of requirement for Djsnap-25 expression in the brain for negative phototactic behavior.

Takano, T., Pulvers, J. N., Inoue, T., Tarui, H., Sakamoto, H., Agata, K. and Umesono, Y.
Dev Growth Differ 49: 383-394, 2007

Clathrin-mediated endocytic signals are required for the regeneration of, as well as homeostasis in, the planarian CNS.

Inoue, T., Hayashi, T., Takechi, K. and Agata, K.
Development 134: 1679-1689, 2007

Reconstruction of dopaminergic neural network and locomotion function in planarian regenerates

Nishimura, K., Kitamura, Y., Inoue, T., Umesono, Y., Sano, S., Yoshimoto, K., Inden, M., Takata, K., Taniguchi, T., Shimohama, S. and Agata, K.
Dev Neurobiol 67: 1059-1078, 2007

Identification and distribution of tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH)-positive neurons in the planarian Dugesia japonica.

Nishimura, K., Kitamura, Y., Inoue, T., Umesono, Y., Yoshimoto, K., Takeuchi, K., Taniguchi, T.
and Agata, K.
Neurosci Res 59: 101-106, 2007


井上 武, 阿形清和.
医学の歩み 221, 193, 2007

Structure and function of primitive immunoglobulin superfamily neural cell adhesion molecules: A lesson from studies on planarian.

Fusaoka, E., Inoue, T., Mineta, K., Agata, K. and Takeuchi, K.
Genes Cells 11: 541-555, 2006

Morphological and functional recovery of the planarian photosensing system during head regeneration.

Inoue, T., Kumamoto, H., Okamoto, K., Umesono, Y., Sakai, M., Sanchez Alvarado, A. and Agata, K.
Zoolog Sci 21: 275-283, 2004

プラナリアの脳再生: Different Animal, Different Lights.

井上 武
ファルマシア 42,798-802, 2006

Cloning and characterization of a chicken platelet-derived growth factor B-chain cDNA. 

Horiuchi, H., Inoue, T., Furusawa, S. and Matsuda, H.
Dev Comp Immunol 26: 73-83, 2002

Study of the planarian phototaxis during brain regeneration. 

Inoue, T., Kumamoto, H., Cebria, F., Kobayashi, C. and Agata, K.
J Photosci 9: 287-289, 2002

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Characterization and expression of three forms of cDNA encoding chicken platelet-derived growth factor-A chain.

Horiuchi, H., Inoue, T., Furusawa, S. and Matsuda, H.
Gene 272: 181-190, 2001

Expression of chicken gp130 mRNA in various chicken organs and cells.

Inoue, T., Horiuchi, H., Furusawa, S. and Matsuda, H.
Proc Int Vet Cytokine Vaccine 1: 330-333, 2000

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cDNA cloning and expression of PDGF in chicken thrombocyt.

Horiuchi, H., Inoue, T., Furusawa, S. and Matsuda, H.
Proc Int Vet Cytokine Vaccine 1: 326-329, 2000

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アンカー 2


 滋野修一, 野村真, 村上安則 編
第3章 脳の再生と集中神経系の起源

一色出版 2018年12月 (ISBN: 4909383050)

ギルバート発生生物学 第10版

 阿形清和, 高橋淑子 監訳  

第16章 後胚発生 - 変態・再生・加齢 -

メディカルサイエンスインターナショナル 2015年3月 (ISBN: 4895928055)

再生医療シリーズ 脳神経系の発生・再生の融合的新展開」

 井村裕夫, 高橋淳 監修   


株式会社診断と治療社 2015年1月 (ISBN: 4787821326)


 阿形清和, 森哲 監修   

脳 Ver.1からみえてくるもの

京都大学学術出版会 2012年8月 (ISBN: 4876982430)


 伊藤正男, 川合述史 編   


株式会社クバクロ出版 2012年2月 (ISBN: 4878051213)

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